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The Best Products for Staying Keto When You’re Insanely Busy

There aren’t enough hours in the day, and the last thing you want to do when you get home from work is start cooking. Much easier to grab a ready meal, order a take away, or simply bang whatever is fastest into the oven. I get it. Given that with this way of eating, we’re trying to eat more homecooked, unprocessed food, we all need to cut down the time it takes to make that happen. In this blog post, I’ll highlight the 7 kitchen gadgets that I find essential to keep me sticking to my keto goals.

1. Pressure Cooker

When I first used a pressure cooker, it was an old ‘sit on the hob’ type. It hissed and spat, and it terrified me. Probably because I got a long lecture on keeping an eye on it or it would explode. After that I vowed I would never own one. Fast forward ten years, and I can’t begin to imagine how I’d keep up without one. The difference is now the one I use is electric, and I can ignore it without worrying it’ll will blow up and kill me. Using a pressure cooker, I can throw ingredients in the pot and have a full nutritious meal in 15 minutes. It’s amazing. And I can’t justify eating junk food when healthy food is so quick. Getting a pressure cooker was an amazing investment, and I highly recommend it (hence why it’s at the top of this list!) Trust me, it’ll change your life

2. Slow Cooker

Now using a slow cooker takes some organisation, but once you’ve got it down, you can just throw ingredients into it while you make your morning coffee, and come home to dinner ready to eat. And your house will smell amazing. Also, by using a slow cooker, you can buy cheaper cuts of meat and they’ll be tender and delicious by the time you get home. I use mine to make pulled pork. It’s awesome. There’s a reason it’s an old classic. Try it out, and watch your life get so much easier.

3. Spiralizer

Everyone loves pasta. It’s one of those ingredients that make a cheap and easy meal, and it just tastes awesome. It’s easy to see why people find it hard to give up. But using a spiralizer, you can just replace the carb heavy pasta with your favourite low carb vegetable. Courgette pasta is pretty standard, but I love carrot noodles with bolognese. Having a spiraliser on hand can also make it easier to keep low carb even with fussy, carb hungry inhabitants in your house. I regularly do this bolognese recipe, and make veg noodles for me and my mum, and a quick handful of spaghetti for my brother. This is my favourite, but if you are on a budget I’ve also tried this one, and it worked brilliantly. I’m just lazy enough that I prefer electricity to make the effort for me.

4. Kitchen Scales

Now I generally cook by taste, but I do try and keep to portion size. For that, kitchen scales can be essential. By keeping track that you are only eating the correct portions, it means you aren’t accidentally consuming more carbs than you think. I have an old set of scales with physical weights which I like to use for baking (don’t judge, I’m weird that way) but for general cooking I use these electric scales. I’ve had them a few years now, and they still work fine.

5. Sauté Pan

I hadn’t used one of these before (to be honest, wasn’t even sure what it was), but we got one about two months ago. And oh my god! How did I ever do breakfast without it?! I’m not exaggerating. I basically use this to do breakfast everyday. It’s big enough to do a whole fry up breakfast, which I used to have to use 3 or 4 pans to do. I love this thing. I’m going to keep one in my house forever.

6. Vegetable Chopper

Anyone else hate chopping onions? We’ve had one of these a few years now, and it makes my life so much easier. I do big prep sessions on a Sunday, and this is centre stage. By doing massive chopping sessions, I can throw all of my ingredients in a bag, ready to throw in the slow or pressure cooker. And I can save on buying frozen onions, which are insanely convenient, but far more expensive than a normal bag of onions.

7. Freezer Bags

Maybe not considered a gadget (and believe me, I’d know. We have an insane number in our kitchen) but they are essential for making my life easier. I need them for prep ahead Sundays. By preparing all of the ingredients before hand, and putting them in the freezer, I’m sorted for when I get too busy to cook. It’s like having really healthy microwave meals on hand all the time. So, freezer bags definitely make this list for me. Of course, you can use lunch boxes or whatever you want, but I love these reusable freezer bags. Life made easier without the guilt of adding plastic to the rubbish pile.

So there it is! These are the things in my kitchen I couldn’t live without.

I do have loads of gadgets in my kitchen. More than I have room for really (My stand mixer is living in my bedroom at the moment). But if I were to pare things down, this list would be my absolute musts. If you think I’ve left anything out, or there are things in your kitchen that you can’t live without, drop me a comment below! I’d love to know what you think.
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